-Chuck Borgia
-James Rhodes
-Todd Nelsen
-Michael Lizarraga
-Obsidian Mercutio Tesla
-Michele Dutcher
-Sergio Palumbo
-John L. Campbell
-Rob Bliss
-Gavin Chappell
-C Priest Brumley

On 3 June 2012, Schlock! Webzine announced the TIMELESS WORLDS competition, open to all readers of the zine. This anthology is the result; the winning entries of the contest are published alongside the best stories of the previous few months.

Inside you will find tales of other worlds, some beyond the stars, others a shadow's breadth away from our own: a horror writer whose ambition leads him to the ultimate horror; a story of love and replicants; intergalactic boxing champs; abuse and revenge; demonic justice; homelessness and hidden roads; dying planets; high class horror; worlds of hope and despair; a noirish quest for justice in an alternative cyberspace.

Welcome to Timeless Worlds!