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Cape Town S Finest Hip Hop 1st Edition 2014 At Zula Bar:

Cape town's finest hip hop 1st edition 2014 at Zula bar
Cape Town's Finest Hip Hop is a showcase of the finest talent found in Cape Town. We seek to promote professional conduct and marketing of the local scene, exposing them to a world audience...

M4M CREW - with - DJ Ranger live at Zula Bar- SA HIP HOP
M4M CREW with DJ Ranger live at Zula Bar Biography M4M crew/ The Mafioso are straight up from the danger gevaar ingozi streets of Cape Town. The crew consists of the 2 DSO emcees who got...

Cape Town's Finest 7th of June @ Zula Bar
Dear Fans of Hip Hop. Finally, CAPE TOWN FINEST HIP HOP brings the most rap scene in the history of hip hop in cape town @ Zula Sound Bar this Saturday 7th 0f June.

Hip Hop Band at Zula Bar
don't know who these guys are.

Cape town's finest Hip Hop 1st Edition, Garlic Brown
Garlic Brown,one of the biggest acts in South African Hip-Hop history.

Mega Yout aka Skillfull Tongue Live @ Zula Bar Cape Town South Africa
madddiiiiiiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. #Team Big League Fi eva.

Cape town's finest Hip Hop 1st Edition, Motswakapa
Cape town's finest Hip Hop 1st Edition, Motswakapa MotswaKapa: is a collective of artistic young people who are supplying South Africa with Motswako music and liive performances in the City...

Cape town's finest Hip Hop 1st Edition, DAT MVC
Cape town's finest Hip Hop 1st Edition, DAT MVC. DAT is a stage name for Archie Makoa Sopazi, a hip hop emcee from Gugulethu who started rapping in 1993 and by 1995 became known as the best...

Gatecrashers Cipher
Gatecrashers cipher for SoReal TV in Cape Town.

The road to Cape Town's finest HIP HOP 2nd Edition
The road to Cape Town's finest HIP HOP 2nd Edition The 2nd Edition of Cape Towns Finest Hip Hop promises to bring the City to life once again with the rhythms and sounds of Hip Hop. True...

Cape town's finest Hip Hop 1st Edition, Bonzaya the Street Tyrant Feat Abstract
Cape town's finest Hip Hop 1st Edition, Bonzaya the Street Tyrant Feat Abstract,

Cape Town Hip Hop, M4M Crew at All Nations Lounge
Rheebongs ( and @PincodeRsa ( Performing Show Time with Dj Ranger at All nations Lounge, African Celebration brought to us by Bibi Entertainment.

Cape Town's Finest (ft. Chezi B, Mangena, Shaq Dean, Kid Clever, Vmix, GoalDLocks)
Directed By: Dylan Mocke Executive Producer: Brendon Pedro Production Crew: The Studio ITunes: Contact: [email protected] Cape Town's...

street corner rap cypher vol1 T Mack MOTSWAKPA
Street corner rap cypher, the road to CAPE TOWN'S FINEST, T-mack letsopa la Rucca a member and coofounder of MOTSWAKAPA. MOTSWAKAPA is a collective of artistic young people who are supplying...

Cape Town's finest Street cypher in Long Street
Cape Town's finest Street corner cypher hosted by Kid Clever.

Cape town's finest Hip Hop 1st Edition, Timo Abdul Aziz Pahad
Most of you know him as Taycee Da MicZilla's hype man when he started. Most of you know him as Mr "My album is Halaal". Most of ya'll know him as Mr "Smokers Section VOL.1". Ladies and GENTLEMEN...

CapeTown HipHop Dance short web
For a youth project I went ot Cape Town. It is the short version. We decided to start the dance with a little story. By the chance i met a great stuntman and he helped me by the choreography...

Cape Town Hip Hop - The Inevitable Outside Cypher.mp4 A Cape Town Hip Hop event is never complete without the inevitable cypher sprouting up from under the street lights. This video was taken outside the Frame...

Cape Town based Hip Hop producer HIPE Talks Photography Here is the link to find out more about Hipe's photography Twitter: @Hiperdelic Follow Heavy Words TV on Twitter: @HeavyWordsTV.

Cape Town Underground Music Festival: Hip Hop
Highlights of the first annual Cape Town Underground Music Festival hip hop event. The festival consists of 5 genres; Hip Hop, Dubstep, Raggae, House and Rock. Goto

Don Volatile Soweto U-Born Hip Hop Session performance
Don Volatile representing Mind Apocalypse, killing sick verses all the way.

Shaheen Ariefdien - Hip Hop Capetown SA
Shaheen, a South African hip hop artist/activist/pioneer was interviewed in Capetown in 2000 at the studios at Bush Radio. In this excerpt, Shaheen shares a story as an example the role hip...

Cape Town Hip Hop: Cultural Embattlement of Apartheid
An original film presented by Kareem Alston. As the legacy of apartheid persists in Cape Town, South Africa, how does Hip Hop serve to counteract some of the oppressive structures of society?...

Cape town's finest cypher on the train Part2

The Skill to be Ill - Cape Town's Hip Hop Hierarchy
The title of Ill Skillz' album, Notes from the Native Yards (Native Yards being the name designated to the townships by apartheid-era town planners), speaks volumes about where these young...

Street Corner rap cypher, UCT Radio Part1
The Road to Cape Town's Finest Hip Hop 2nd Edition, Saturday 6th of December at Bazinga V.I.P. Lounge, 9 Corner green Street and Long Street.

Hip Hop Cypher by the Audiofessionals with Kay Faith, Cape Town, South Africa
Hip Hop Cypher by some of the young up and coming hip hopsters in Cape Town who call themselves the Audiofessionals. Kay Faith was on the MPC live performing with these guys to bring some...

Cape town's finest cypher on the train Part1

UCT Hip Hop Club - Kool Lyk Dat Vol 2
One of the finest art forms to come out of a university, here's the official 2013 UCT Hip Hop Club mixtape tracklist: 1. UCT Hip Hop Club -- Marathon (prod. by Mad Pzo) 00:00 2. Ushe feat....

Cape Town Hip Hop - Benjamin 'Defeat' Tafari at Best of Ekapa Underground Hip Hop Cape Town Hip Hop at the Purple Turtle happens every Thursday with Best of Ekapa Underground Hip Hop where you can see acts like Benjamin Voete of the Unseen Ones,

Hip-Hop Indaba 2011 P.V Victory - Ben10.mp4
Western Cape, Paarl Mc Ben10, Freestyle Battle Champ of 2011. P.V Baby!!!

Street Corner rap cypher, the road to CPT's Finest Hip Hop 2nd Edition2
Street Corner rap cypher,in Gugs with GugsGang, the road to CPT's Finest Hip Hop 2nd Edition2.

Crew Peligrosos, Cape Town Effects & Conférence @ Paris Hip Hop - La Quotidienne #13
Hip Hop Citoyens présente Paris Hip Hop 2014 : La Quinzaine du Hip Hop en Ile-de-France avec le soutien de ERDF. "La Quotidienne" produit par Générations Développement, France Télévisions...

#WeLoveHipHop launch 31st July
ITS HERE PEOPLE!!!! Check out the #WeLoveHipHop launch that went down on the 31st July...... Be sure to catch the next ALL ELEMENTS HIP HOP CELEBRATION happening on the 28th August 2014. #WeLoveHi...

Stan1 - Cape Town Takeover (South African Song / Music Video)
Growing up, Music was always a big part of Stan1's life in all aspects of it. As he was raisedin a Christian home, he has strong religion based values that's been a huge support through life's...

young rapper from Cape town on the interview he believes that he can step up the game to the top.

Fish Eagle Brandy - Super Chill Event Highlights
Summer's here and it's time to chill and let the good times roll! Get in the mood at an exclusive Fish Eagle VIP event in either, Durban, Joburg or Cape Town - think gorgeous people, delicious...

Snake Live 4kasi Entlek Launch Bathini laba Soweto Hip Hop Sessions
Snake Live at the 4ikasi entlek launch. ((unedited version))- Marvin Straight videos. full video coming soon. check Simphiwe snake-kasirap on facebook. jangalalala nenenenene.

Hip-Hop Indaba 2011
Japsnoet vs Tactik1,Dj Pain vs Benidictus,Jake Baker vs Mc Fiddle,Masala Dekseldif vs Mc Witbrood.

Blaze 5th Live at KOL, 2013
Live performance by Blaze 5th with KOL (The Waiting Room, Cape Town) July 3, 2013. Download Blaze 5th's "Rough Cut" tape: (free)

Cape Town hip hop artist Churchil Naude on the launch of his debut album
Kroeskop vol Geraas is Churchil Naude's debut album. It's been coming on a long time. In this clip he talks about the forthcoming album and about his style. The insert was shot at the Coffeebeans...

HC - The Ghoul Live @ The Waiting Room (KOL) Part 1 of 2
HC Performs "The Ghoul" @ The waiting room, Kool Out Lounge. The Ghoul features Mprvs and is produced by Chris Born off the "Method To My Madness" album. Coming out late 2009. FACEBOOK:...

Volcanic Ent Promo
Cape Town based record label owned by rising SA star G baby da Silva.

Imbube - Amavuvuzela Remix (South African Song / Music Video)
Imbube presents the official music video for 'Amavuvuzela' featuring HHP and Young Nation. Born in exile at the height of South Africa's struggle against apartheid, Young Nations' music is...

PINCODEs - aKa - Mr Unlocker (of M4M CREW) interview on everyday people, Bush Radio
About . Pin-Code is a young and talented Rapper from Mfuleni, CT. Hip Hop Kaslam Award Winner and King of Street Rap 2012CT. Description THAbang "Pin-Code" MARTHINUS...

KICKBACK launch sneak peak video.. Collaborate & Listen
An all new project hitting the scene on the 5th May and will occur the first Saturday of every month after that, based on networking for media related people in an unpretentious environment.....

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