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How to make a Leap motion App (Gestures)
Sup peoples. So today I have a Tutorial on how to access and use gestures for the Leap Motion Skeletal V2 Beta. This might be part of a series. Next video will on pinching and grabbing gestures....

Leap Motion Orion Tutorial in Unity: Installation and Setup
So you've just got a Leap Motion and don't know where to start. Follow this tutorial series and I'll show you how to get started with your new VR device. In this video, I"ll show you how to...

Using the Leap Motion controller with mMap SDK
Quick demo of mMap SDK 3D Globe view and navigation with the Leap Motion controller.

Leap Motion V2 Tracking Developer Beta - Demo
Developer beta of Leap Motion's V2 tracking. Learn more at Music: At Dawn We Rage - Always Ahead.

First Look: Leap Motion - Gesture Controller for Computers!
Leap Motion Controller, Gesture Motion Control Accessory Find it here: Find the VR developer kit: Details: The Leap Motion Controller lets you...

Új Leap Motion SDK...sokkal pontosabb lett! | TheVR Tech Leap Motion
Ebben a videóban az új Leap Motion SDK fejlesztői változatát mutatjuk meg nektek, lássuk mennyivel lett érzékenyebb az eszköz! Csatlakozz hozzánk ▻

Setting Up Leap Motion With Eclipse - Leap Motion and Java: Tutorial 1
In this tutorial I show you how to install the leap motion drivers, download the leap motion software development kit (SDK), and how to use the leap motion library with eclipse Thanks for...

Leap Motion Developer Profile: Adam Somers
Creator of the AirHarp, Leap Motion developer Adam Somers discusses his work and how the Leap Motion controller vastly improves music creation. Adam is always trying to discover and develop...

Leap Motion Orion: Pinch Draw Module
Unlock new possibilities in your Leap Motion Orion project with add-on modules – powerful extensions built on top of our beta release of the Unity Core Assets for Orion. Download Unity Core...

Leap Motion Developer Mashup
See Your Hands in Virtual Reality Unlock a whole new level of presence by using your hands in the virtual world – just like the real world. With our fast, accurate hand tracking, the power...

Setting Up Leap Motion with Python - Leap Motion and Python: Tutorial 1
In this tutorial I go over downloading the Leap Motion software development kit and creating folder that has the required file to use the Leap Motion Python library. Thanks for watching!!!!...

Coloreality - Google Cardboard with Leap Motion
GitHub link with sources(Unity package included): *face palming* It's finally out on GitHub. It had always delayed longer than I would expect. I felt...

Introducing the Leap Motion
Leap Motion represents an entirely new way to interact with your computers. It's more accurate than a mouse, as reliable as a keyboard and more sensitive than a touchscreen. For the first time,...

Leap Motion Orion: UI Input Module
Unlock new possibilities in your Leap Motion Orion project with Add-on Modules – powerful extensions built on top of our beta release of the Unity Core Assets for Orion. The UI Input Module...

Leap Motion Orion: Detector Module
Unlock new possibilities in your Leap Motion Orion project with add-on modules – powerful extensions built on top of our beta release of the Unity Core Assets for Orion. The Attachments...

Testing the Leap Motion Orion SDK (Beta)
Leap Motion Orion SDK (Beta) Software Version: 3.0.0+39171 Firmware Revision: 1.7.0 Oculus SDK --= FUCK YOU, DON'T TRY WITH US =-- Display Driver Version: --= FUCK YOU, DON'T TRY WITH US =-- Positional Tracker Driver Version: --= FUCK YOU, DON'T TRY WITH US =-- NVIDIA...

Leap Motion: Orion
Reach into the future with Orion, Leap Motion's new hand tracking software that's built from the ground up for virtual reality. Download today at

Leap Motion in Unity: Interaction Engine - Quickstart & Layers
UPDATE: Since this video was published the Interaction Engine has been updated to v1.0. This new version is completely different from the version in this video. Here is the download link for...

Leap Motion VR Mount + Oculus Rift CV1
Watch this instructional video to find out how to attach your Leap Motion Controller to your Oculus Rift CV1! You will need our VR Developer Mount, available at:

Leap Motion VR Bundle Unboxing & Weightless Gameplay - Oculus Rift
Unboxing of the Leap Motion and Leap Motion VR mount. Gameplay of the game Weightless! Oculus Rift Dk2.

How to use leap motion in unity

Testing out Orion, the new #VR SDK by Leap Motion
This was too amazing. Leap Motion's new technology, called Orion, allows you to use your hands in VR with ease. -- Watch live at

Leap Motion cigarette test
Unity + Leap Motion SDK.

Anki Cozmo Leap Motion head control (SDK with TouchDesigner 099)
After some experimenting I was able to connect my Cozmo to the Leap Motion hand capture device using TouchDesigner 099. I had to write an external UDP listener in Python for Cozmo as TouchDesigner...

Oculus Rift + Leap Motion v2.0 Sample App
I tested Leap Motion SDK v2.0 for Unity with Oculus Rift.

MAX MSP 7: GETTING STARTED WITH LEAP MOTION JANUARY 21ST - GETTING STARTED WITH LEAP MOTION In this tutorial we look at how to set up, plug in and start interfacing with leap motion in max....

IMPRESSIVE HAND TRACKING! | Blocks VR (Oculus Rift DK2 + Leap Motion Orion)
I am trying out Leap Motion's new hand tracking software with the Oculus Rift. It's was a blast! Orion introduces faster tracking that has lower latency. It now also tracks your hands on higher...

Prototype 2 Gesture control using leap motion
This is my first video on youtube and this is about gesture control program developed for game 'Prototype 2' using leap motion Java SDK. link:

Leap Motion Blocks for Oculus Rift Playthrough
Create and interact with shapes, manipulate gravity and more in this all-new VR experience built for Leap Motion Orion. Blocks is built with our upcoming interaction engine, which lets you...

VR Developer Mount Setup
Put away your duct tape. After this quick setup, your Leap Motion Controller and head-mounted display will be working together, opening up new possibilities with next-gen VR input. Music:...

OsiriX with Leap Motion SDK
We merged the OsiriX source code with Leap Motion SDK, and tried to rotate the 3D surface rendering screen and zoom. OsiriXソースコードとLeap Motion SDKを一緒にコンパイルして、3D...

Quickstart Guide: Oculus + Leap Integration
After attaching your Leap Motion to the front of your Oculus Rift (some people like to use tape; I've been getting good results with super glue): 1. Get the Skeletal SDK: https://developer.leapmot...

Leap Motion デモ (Siv3D)
大学のオープンキャンパスで展示した Leap Motion のデモンストレーション。Leap Motion Developer SDK + Siv3D で制作。

AR Mid Air Pinch Drawing Tutorial using Leap Motion and Vuforia in Unity
Mid Air Pinch Drawing using Leap Motion and Vuforia AR in Unity Hey guys so in the previous...

Using VR and Leap Motion with a smartphone - Blocks
Using the leap motion and my phone connected to my computer, I can play some VR games with my hands. This game is pretty simple : you can create some simple geometric shapes and play with...

This project demonstrates the basic function and gesture on LEAP MOTION. Built on XNA with LEAP MOTION sdk.

Leap Motion - Head Tracking in Unity
Just stick a stick on your head and you're in the game! Using a Rev 04 Leap DevUnit with 0.7.3 SDK.

Vive Finally Repaired, Leap Motion VR Mount & Oculus Touch Games (Nathie Channel Update)
In this short VR update video I will be talking about the HTC repair center, Vive customer support, Leap Motion developer mount, the Virtual Dutch Men and last but not least the Oculus Touch....

Leap Motion VR Mount + HTC Vive
Watch this instructional video to find out how to attach your Leap Motion Controller to your HTC Vive HMD! You will need our VR Developer Mount, available at:

"How To Use" Video (LeapMotion in MaxMSP Project)
This video is related to a specific Max project which utilizes the Leap Motion controller for Audio and MIDI output. The Leap Motion SDK V2.3.1 Drivers:

So many BALLS! Oculus Rift DK2 + Leap Motion = AWESOME ■ VR Adventures!
In this video I tape my Leap Motion to my Oculus Rift DK2 and try out some examples that were released then the V2 SDK was available! So much fun with augmented reality and interacting within...

Primera Compilación para Leap Motion SDK
Primeras pruebas. Nahuel Proietto (ADB4ND). Mas Info:

Leap motion V2 tracking first test
New Leap Motion SDK with skeletal tracking. Premier test du nouveau kit de dev. du leap motion avec nouvel algorithme de tracking. music: Mururoar - Brute Forcing ...

Leap Motion: Geometric Playthrough
Geometric, a Leap Motion VR experience, is home to the GeoBuds; little shapes powered by friendship and good vibes. Hit the 'YEAH!' buttons to become their bud and bring them to life. Then...

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